Human Kinetics Graduates

What Past Graduates Are Doing Now

We asked our 2023 HKIN recent grads what their plans are for next year. The HKIN Degree at STFX is a versatile degree—you can pursue all different kinds of opportunities, and we have a high success rate of students getting accepted into post-grad programs. HKIN @ STFX opens doors!

Chart demonstrating future plans of 2023 HKIN graduates


Human Kinetics is a Launching Pad 

Given the flexible course options within each of our six specialized degree programs, an undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics provides an excellent foundation for a wide breadth of rewarding careers. Here are some examples of careers that our HKIN grads have pursued. 




Gerry Dee 1994 Physical education teacher, comedian, and star/creator of Mr. D
Krista Mckenna 1997 Manager of varsity athletics at StFX
Chad Fraser 2001 Head performance medicine therapist for Cirque de Soleil

Jennifer McMullon née Lewis

2003 Principal of Bluenose Academy
Patrick Grandmaitre 2005 Head coach of the University of Ottawa men’s hockey team
Luke Ranelli 2006 Family physician
PJ Rasmussen 2006 Plastic surgeon
Sean Fraser 2006 Member of Parliament
Jess Tasker 2007 Realtor
Jess Macy 2007 Personal trainer
Sarah Timleck 2007 Occupational therapist and owner of Sarah Timleck Occupational Therapy Services
Lisa Belanger 2007 CEO of Conscious Works and Creator of Knight's Cab
Jeff Carron 2009 Professor in Kinesiology at the Université de Montréal and leading concussion researcher
Kwami Osei 2010 Physical education teacher, created non-profit, and participant in the Amazing Race (2019)
Ghislaine Landry 2010 Bronze medalist in Rugby 7s at the 2016 Olympics (Brazil)
Carla van den Berg 2011 Exercise physiologist - sport injury prevention
Breanna Sampson 2011 Optometrist
Melissa McKay 2011 International human rights lawyer
Catie Gavin 2011 Chiropractor and owner of Knotical Chiropractic
Kassandra Thompson 2012 Youth activities coordinator for Carnival Cruises
Laura Nickelo 2012 Physiotherapists and co-owners of Xcel Physio
Nathan Giroux 2012 Physiotherapist and co-owner of Xcel Physio
Paige Grandbois 2013 Canadian Olympic Academy
Amy Bobyn 2018 Pediatric Residency
Mackenzie Horn 2018 Medicine
Kelsey Fahie 2018 Masters in Sport Management/Lead, Program & Resources, Physical, and Health Education Canada
Oliver Hewish 2019 Director of Soccer, Suburban Football Club (Bedford, NS)
Justin LaForest 2020 Physiotherapy
Amy Graham 2021 Medicine
Margaret Oliver 2021 Medicine
Margaret MacDonald 2021 Medicine
Rachel Tooth 2021 Medicine
Rebecca Reid 2022 Medicine
Note: On average, two HKIN graduates per year get into Medicine.