Human Kinetics Department

Welcome to Human Kinetics at StFX!


Thank you for checking out the Human Kinetics webpage. For those potential students who are thinking of pursuing Human Kinetics—our philosophy is that ‘movement is essential to life’. If you are interested in sport, physical activity, movement, and exercise—then this is the ideal program for you because you get to take a variety of courses all exploring these concepts. 

There are approximately 530 students enrolled in Human Kinetics (from year 1 through to year 4). We are a CCUPEKA accredited Degree and offer a variety of options so you can tailor your degree to best suit your needs. Our grads are successful and well-rounded. Faculty and Lab Instructors are dedicated and there are numerous opportunities for experiential learning (real-life applied settings) and for undergraduate research. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Charlene Weaving
Department Chair