Residence Accomodation Type Total Cost
Bishops Hall Single room $7,925.00
Bishops Hall Double room $6,705.00
Cameron Hall Single room $7,410.00
Governors Hall Double room $9,025.00
Governors Hall Single room $9,415.00
MacIsaac Hall Double room $6,705.00
MacKinnon Hall Double room $6,195.00
Mount Saint Bernard Single room $7,925.00
O'Regan Hall Single room $9,405.00
O'Regan Hall Double room $9,015.00
Power Hall On-campus apartment $8,350.00
Riley Hall Single room $9,405.00
Riley Hall Double room $9,015.00
Somers Hall On-campus apartment $8,350.00

*Housing rates do not include the $80 mandatory tenant insurance cost.

Students who live on campus are required to have a meal plan. Click here for required meal plans by residence type. Please note: The minimum meal plan for all first-year students living in residence is the 315 Block meal plan. Students can always select a larger meal plan if they wish. 

Please Note: The meal plan prices are subject to change up until August 1st. 

Meal Plan Price

Once purchased, off-campus meal plans are non-refundable and cannot be downgraded. 

Meal Plan Price

* Please note: Proposed 2024-25 Residence & Meal Plan rates. Subject to change. 

Laundry Fee 2023-24 

$145 one-time fee for unlimited access to the facilities 

Overnight Parking 2023-24 

To be determined. Payable by cash, debit or credit. Payable at the Box Office. 

Student tuition and fees