Program Overview:

About Classical Studies

Classical Studies explores the influence of Greek and Roman culture throughout the centuries. 

The study of classical literature is a companion and tool to all other liberal arts courses; StFX’s dedicated humanities professors understand this and are committed to helping you grasp their culture and traditions in philosophy, theology, literature, art, and history. 

Why Study Classical Studies at StFX?

Classical Studies offers an exploration of both Ancient Greek and Latin literature. Study Homer, The Iliad and The Odyssey, as well as the works of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Cicero, Caesar, Catullus, and more. Students will acquire the grammar and vocabulary skills necessary to read Latin and Ancient Greek texts in their original language. 

Classical Studies courses would be interesting both for students of classical antiquity and for students in history, philosophy, theology, literature, and modern languages.

Students can incorporate Classical Studies into their education in a few ways, including: 

  • As electives 
  • A Pair 
  • A Minor in Classical Studies  

First Year at a Glance

In the first year, those with no previous background in the language may take Introductory Latin and/or Greek, designed to acquaint you with the basic structural features needed to develop reading comprehension and a strong command of the language. In addition to grammar and vocabulary, classes explore simple texts from classical Greek/Latin philosophy and literature to the New Testament – even the cultural influence on modern filmmakers, who have revisited the period with Hollywood blockbusters like Alexander, Troy, and Gladiator.  

Future Opportunities

Serious work in the humanities in any field before the 18th century requires some knowledge of Latin and Greek. The study of ancient languages gives a clarity and elegance to thought and expression that is particularly helpful in professional pursuits such as:

  • Business
  • Education / Teacher
  • Government Services
  • Historian
  • Lawyer
  • NGOs

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