Academic Success Centre


Having trouble with a piece of work, or with the workload generally? Missing deadlines, or perhaps overstressed by their approach? Need an experienced and knowledgeable set of eyes to guide you to a better level of work? We are here for you. The Academic Success Centre (ASC) is a collection of academic resources, a place for StFX students to find free academic skills instruction/coaching, help on assignments, English language help, and a place to connect with subject tutors. It is also a place to study with help nearby.

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  • Arrive to your instructor's office for your appointment or, if you are meeting online, your instructor will provide you with a link to a Collaborate virtual office
  • You will be asked to explain the reason for your visit when you book, and to send any work (with assignment sheet) ahead of time
  • For an online appointment, you will need to have an audio and video connection. If that isn't possible for you, contact your instructor or the manager (@email); help is still here for you
  • APEX students, please book with your assigned instructor
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