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About Computer Science

Computer Science (CS) is the study of computation. For any given problem, a central question is whether a solution can be computed, and, if so, what are the most efficient and practical ways to carry out the computation. Computer science also involves questions that have the potential to change how we view the world. What is the nature of intelligence and can we reproduce it in a machine? How do we represent the knowledge we have about the world and apply this knowledge to help make better decisions?  

In Computer Science at StFX, students are offered a well-rounded education in the scientific foundations of information and computation together with practical techniques for the implementation of these foundations, applicable to almost every facet of life, through an intensive, hands-on approach. You will learn about new technologies and ideas, laying the foundation for various computing careers. At one of Canada’s top undergraduate universities, you’ll get to work closely with faculty members and participate in exciting research projects. 

Why study Computer Science at StFX? 

As a primarily undergraduate university, we offer an unparalleled learning experience for students. You’ll learn directly from professors who are accomplished scholars, many who hold national grants and are very active in research. The education you receive at StFX will prepare you for the opportunities and challenges of the information age – whether you choose to dive into a career, pursue graduate studies or go into an education program. 

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First year at a glance

In first year, you’ll be introduced to Programming and Data Structures, focusing on problem solving, algorithm development, and data representation while preparing you for second-year Computer Science courses. The department offers additional first-year CS courses suitable for students in a broad range of disciplines.  

A common misconception is that Computer Science is equivalent to programming. Programming is a necessary tool, but it is not the focus. Thus, after completing 100-level studies, the transformation from a programmer to a Computer Scientist begins. 

Future opportunities

Job opportunities in Computer Science are virtually endless. They include work in software engineering, technology development such as robotics, computer vision and artificial intelligence, and forensic research. 

Computer Science jobs are among the highest paid and best in job satisfaction. CS is very often associated with innovation, and developments in computing tend to drive it. Most analysts predict that the number of people trained for jobs in the computing industry will fall far short of the employment demand. As a result, job prospects for graduates in CS are expected to remain excellent.

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  • Data Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Game Developer
  • Networking Administrator
  • Software Engineer

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