Residence life offers the best of both worlds. You get to experience the fun and excitement of getting out on your own, along with the comfort of knowing you are in a safe, warm, and supportive residential community. 

We have plenty of academic and social supports to help you adjust to university life, and thrive while you’re here. 

Settling In

A little research and preparation can go a long way in ensuring a fantastic residence experience - in your first year and beyond. 

Tips for Living Away From Home

Whether you are living on or off-campus, living away from home means signing either a residence contract or a lease. Be sure to choose your living arrangements carefully, as a contract is a legally binding document. You want to be sure of your decision before you sign. 

Space in residence rooms is limited, and you may have a roommate, so plan to pack wisely and bring just the essentials. 

What to bring
  • Health card 

  • Desk lamp (check with us beforehand to see if your room has one already) 

  • Sheets/blanket/pillow(s) and mattress topper 

  • Towels 

  • Flip flops or slippers 

  • A basket or bag to carry toiletries to and from washrooms 

  • Laundry bag and soap 

  • Clothes hangers 

  • Iron/small ironing board 

  • Headphones 

  • Power bar/extension cord 

  • First aid kit 

  • Pictures/posters & rubber cement to hang them (can be purchased at the University Bookstore

  • Sports equipment 

  • For suite & apartment styles: pots, pans, kitchen utensils etc. 

  • Basic cleaning supplies - disinfecting wipes, small broom, swiffer mops/pads (you are responsible for keeping your own rooms clean, this includes any private washrooms)

What not to bring
  • Large stereo speakers and sub-woofers 
  • Kitchen appliances with an open element (deep fryers, hot plates, toasters, etc) 
  • Halogen lights and non-CSA approved and/or outdoor mini lights they leave burn marks on walls and may cause a fire 
  • Anything illegal to the Province of Nova Scotia (if it's illegal, leave it at home - even if it isn't illegal where you come from) 
  • Pets (with the exception of fish) 
  • Nails/tacks/duct tape (if it can't be hung up with rubber cement, leave it at home) 
  • Firearms/ammunition/firecrackers/weapons of any type 
  • Candles or incense. 
  • Additional furniture (there's little room for more furniture)