Admission Requirements (BEd)

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Our two-year program requires an undergraduate degree from an accredited university with a minimum of 90 credit hours (3 year degree) meeting the criteria outlined below.

The BEd program has two streams: elementary and secondary.

Specialist programs in teaching physical education and French as a second language are available, within either the elementary or the secondary stream.

Admission Criteria:

During the review process, applicants are initially evaluated in 4 equally-weighted areas.

  • Academic record - Applicants for the BEd program must have an undergraduate degree from an a accredited university with an average of at least 70% or a GPA of 2.5.
  • Life experiences and community involvement - Both breadth and depth of involvement are reviewed with attention paid to inclusion and diversity.
  • Supplemental Application Form
  • Reference Forms - Three reference forms are required. Referees are to directly submit these forms to Admissions (@email). Referees need to be able to speak to the applicant’s personal and professional qualities, and each referee should know the individual in different capacities as either a learner, worker, or leader. Forms are included in the supplemental application form.
  • Essay – The essay is evaluated on the applicant’s articulation of learning, subject-matter, and vision for education.
  • English Language Proficiency - Students whose first language is not English are normally required to submit proof of English language proficiency. Recognized English Language Proficiency Tests



Based on the above criteria, applicants will be short listed for the next stage of the process, the interview. Interviews include core questions asked to all applicants applying to the BEd program.  Interview questions focus on a general understanding of teaching, teaching content and processes, personal and professional qualities, an understanding of diversity and inclusive practices, and communication skills.

The applicant’s file review and interview are equally weighted. Composite scores from the two parts of the application process form the basis for offers in each stream of the program, and within subject fields in the secondary stream.


Tuition rates for our program are always subject to change.  For more information on current tuition and related fees for the Bachelor of Education Program, contact the Student Accounts Office at @email or phone 902-867-2123.