Placement Opportunities

The StFX Faculty of Education prides itself in producing outstanding educators who appreciate the balance between theory and application. Students are placed in schools throughout the province of Nova Scotia. Students may return to their home communities in Nova Scotia to complete their practicum or they may practice teach in schools within the StFX catchment area. Students also have the opportunity in their final placement in their final year to do an alternate or international placement.

On-Campus Program:

Each year students complete 11 weeks of practicum. Students will be placed in schools in November/December and will return to their placement in March/April. During the first placement, students are expected to work toward teaching 25% of a full teaching assignment while participating in classrooms activities the remainder of the day. During the second placement, students work toward teaching 50%, followed by 75% in the third practicum, and 100% in their final placement. 


Teacher Education Department

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