Promotional slides

If ever you wish to include in a slide set or Moodle page a reminder to your students of the support available to them through the Academic Success Centre, please make free use of these.

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Academic integrity referral

On occasion, you may wish to include an appointment with an ASC instructor as part of the process of addressing an academic integrity violation in your class. To receive verification that your student has indeed both visited us and received instruction on the relevant topic, please email the coordinator prior to making the referral:

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Moodle workshops

The ASC has developed several self-enrolment Moodle workshops on common writing types and necessary study habits. These workshops are available for you to link to your own course, as supplementary material or for grade credit.  If you wish to arrange grade reporting or mass enrolment of a class, please contact the coordinator:

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Academic integrity moodle workshop
Study skills moodle workshop
Exam prep and writing moodle workshop
Essay writing moodle workshop
Business writing moodle workshop
Reflective writing moodle workshop


Guest workshops

Appearances in class, or in virtual classrooms, are one of the ways we can help your students prepare for a particular assignment or (especially in 1st year) grow in awareness of just what is expected of them at university. We can speak briefly or fill a class time block, appearing as a guest or in your absence. The following topics have been offered in-person and online in the past. If you would like a ASC instructor to deliver one of these workshops or would like to discuss developing another, please contact the coordinator:

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  • Academic Integrity: Plagiarism & Paraphrasing
  • Academic Integrity: Citations & References (particular styles)
  • Academic Integrity for Programmers
  • Time Management & Study Methods
  • Argumentative Essay Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Reflective Writing
  • Professional Communication: Email and More
  • Creating and Delivering Presentations