History of Human Kinetics at StFX

Like many other Kinesiology/Human Kinetics departments, the Human Kinetics Department at StFX has evolved from the former Department of Physical Education.

The Department of Physical Education was established in 1965, in response to an increasing demand for Physical Education teachers in the Province of Nova Scotia. The graduates of the program received a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Degree and a Nova Scotia Teaching License - Class 5.

The Department continued with its mandate of teacher preparation until 1995. At that time, the Government of Nova Scotia, through the Maritime Provinces High Education Commission (MPHEC), under a Revitalization process, deemed it necessary to reduce the number of students graduating with degrees in Education, including Physical Education. The Nova Scotia Minister of Education acted on the report of the Revitalization Committee of MPHEC and terminated three educational programs which led to advanced educational degrees or to a teaching license. After the removal of the mandate to prepare students at StFX for teacher certification in a four-year integrated program, it was time for the development of a new mission and a new focus.

Following Senate approval, the Department adopted a new name, defined a new mission, developed a new set of objectives, and revised the curriculum. Changes in the program structure and in curriculum offerings enabled the Human Kinetics Department to offer programs leading to a Bachelor of Science and to a Bachelor of Arts in Human Kinetics. In the transition period between 1995 and 1998, the Department phased out the Physical Education program and phased in the Human Kinetics program. The last class of students receiving degrees in Physical Education graduated in the spring of 1998 and the first class of graduating Human Kinetics students received their degrees at Spring Convocation in 1999.

Most recently, the Department has made additional curriculum revisions to reflect core program requirements as set out by the Canadian Council of Physical Education and Kinesiology Administrators (CCUPEKA) for both Kinesiology and Pre-Education Streams. The faculty members have developed a number of upper-level elective courses, which were added to the new program. These changes put the StFX Human Kinetics Department in an excellent position to move into the 21st Century, offering a sound undergraduate degree, with educational options to allow the students to prepare themselves for professional careers or further study.