Experiential Learning Programs

Experiential Learning Programs

Fit 4 Tots

Fit 4 Tots is a movement exploration program where students in HKIN 425 and 426 can choose to volunteer for service learning. In addition to playing with tots (children under the age of 5), students collaborate with their classmates to create different physically and mentally engaging playgrounds each week. Connections to class material are easily made in terms of the physical growth and development of children (HKIN 425) and physical, social, and emotional health (HKIN 426).  

Group of kids playing around
Information For Parents and Guardians

Time: Fridays from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. between January 12 and April 5.  

Place: The main gym at the Amelia Saputo Centre (used to be the Oland Centre). Please enter near the side door (near the entrance of the AUX/small gym).**    

**Please arrive around 11:30 am and leave as soon as you can at 1:30 pm. We aim to be ready around 11:25 a.m. and begin cleanup at 1:15 pm.   

Age Requirements : Children aged 5 and under.**    

**Older children are welcome on snow days and PD days as long as we can ensure the safety of the tots. 

What We Do  

The focus of Fit 4 Tots is on safe and interactive play. During the program, students will follow your child’s lead about how and what to play. We do not specifically teach skills, but rather encourage your child to explore the different types of movement on the playgrounds we’ve set up.    

During Fit 4 Tots, feel free to play with your child, walk the perimeter of the gym, or take advantage of the opportunity to connect with other parents/guardians attending the program.       


Please use the following link https://mysporthub.ca/Org/AntMltiFFTAK. It will take you to the Fit 4 Tots - Sport Hub site where you can register your child.

The fee is $2 per family for each visit.     

Hand sanitizer: there is hand sanitizer by the entrance. Please use as needed including when you arrive and when you leave.  

Footwear: please take off your outdoor footwear before entering the gym. No outdoor footwear is allowed. While you play, we suggest you wear indoor sneakers or go barefoot. We advise against wearing socks, as the floor can be slippery. **

We suggest wearing layers to the gym as it can be cold and windy at times.  

Our Volunteers  

Our program is run by Angie Kolen, Ph.D. with the help of 10 to 15 student volunteers. Students are mostly 4th year Human Kinetics students taking either Health Education or Growth and Development classes, and all work regularly with the program. Students will be wearing masks during the program.  

After the class, students will be reflecting on their experiences by paying particular attention to:  

  • Health  
  • Health education  
  • Health promotion 
  • Motor skills development  


Parking on campus is paid. There are, however, 2-hour free parking spots in the Keating Centre parking lot (lot 10) and in front of the Amelia Saputo Centre.  

Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the program, please reach out to Angie Kolen, Ph.D. at @email or (902) 867-5340.  


Fit 4 Tots begins this Friday, January 12 - and will continue until Friday, April 5.

There is NO Fit 4 Tots on Friday, February 23 - Students' Winter Study Break.

There is NO Fit 4 Tots on Friday, March 29 - Good Friday.

You and your tot(s) are welcome to come anytime between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

There is a drop-in fee of $2 per family, per visit. There will be a little box by the door for you to drop your toonie into. Please DO NOT come any earlier as there is NO loitering in the hallways because of the construction. We will be waiting at the back door when we are ready for you.

Please come into the Amelia Saputo Center through the back doors (under the bleachers). Either I or the students working with me will be around to direct you. You might consider parking in the Student Union parking lot and walking around the turn and under the bleachers. Alternatively, park in the Keating Center parking lot and walk around the rinks, under the bleachers.

Fit 4 Life

Fit 4 Life is a low-organized games program aimed at promoting physical activity to children in elementary school. Students who choose to volunteer for this program will be highly engaged at all levels of the program, including ensuring safe active transportation, participating in free play and snack time, and leading games/activities each week. Connections to class material are easily made in terms of the physical growth, maturation, and development of children (HKIN 425) and physical and mental health (HKIN 426).  

Information For Parents and Guardians 

Time: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. between January 16 and March 28.

Place: Dropoff for the program is at the AEC. Our staff will walk your child from the Antigonish Education Centre to the program, which most often takes place in the AUX gym of the Amelia Saputo Centre on the StFX campus.  

Age Requirements: Children in grades 3 & 4 . 

A healthy snack (most often fruit) is provided.  

What We Do  

The goal of the Fit 4 Life program is to help children develop strength, flexibility, and endurance. During the program, children will participate in a variety of activities to help them try different forms of movement such as free play, low-organized games, relays, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, gymnastics, and skating/ice play.


Please use the following link https://mysporthub.ca/Org/AntMltiFFLAK. It will take you to the Fit 4 Life - Sport Hub site where you can register your child.


Program fees are based on the number of days that a child attends the Fit 4 Life program per week.    

  • 1 day: $25  
  • 2 days: $50  
  • 3 days: $75    

**Fees can be waived as needed.  

Contact Information  

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the program, please reach out to Angie Kolen, Ph.D. at @email or (902) 867-5340.


Fit 4 Life begins next Tuesday, January 16 and will continue until Thursday, March 28.

There is NO Fit 4 Life on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (February 20, 21, 22) - Students' Winter Study Break.

There is NO Fit 4 Life on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (March, 12, 13, 14).

Motor Activities @ X (MAX) 

Motor Activities @ X (MAX) community lab offers individuals with and without all types of disabilities the opportunity to work alongside university students and be included in different physical activity environments both on and off-campus. (HKIN 385, 395, 445, and 457). 

Students are able to volunteer for the following MAX activities:  

  • Adapted Aquatics 

The HKIN student-led adapted aquatics program modifies teaching strategies, skills, and equipment in order to meet the needs of children of all ages and ability levels. Activities have a high instructor-to-child ratio to provide an environment that fosters physical, social, therapeutic, and cognitive benefits.   

The goal is to develop sufficient safety and swimming skills so that every child may become as comfortable as possible in the water. This program is available to local elementary and high school students.  

  • Inclusive Physical Activity Program 

Motor Activities @ X's Fall program allows children of all abilities to discover a sense of adventure through theme-based physical activity, creative play, and socialization. All activities are geared towards helping children learn to play new sports, develop their skills, build self-confidence, and most importantly: be active and have fun during the school day.  

  • Learn to Skate 

As instructors, HKIN students provide individualized support to children with and without autism spectrum disorder participating in a community-based learn-to-skate program.  

  • Sledge Hockey/Para Hockey  

In partnership with Antigonish Minor Hockey, HKIN students work inclusively with local minor hockey players with and without disabilities to increase access to community-based sport via para hockey. Community-based para hockey is part of the Antigonish Bulldogs House League that takes place each Sunday (October to March) and HKIN students lead these sessions along with weekly practices.  

  • Keppoch Adapted Walking Program 

HKIN students provide access to snowshoeing at Keppoch for adults with and without disabilities from local community-assisted living facilities. HKIN students also provide inclusive activities for children with disabilities at Keppoch Family Fun Days.  

Please contact @email for more information.  

Recreational Gymnastics Program

The Recreational Gymnastics Program is open to Human Kinetics students who take HKIN 227: Advanced Instruction and Certification in Gymnastics. Students will gain valuable experience coaching children in the StFX Community Recreational Gymnastics Program. Children are between the ages of 4 and 13 and attend this afterschool program on a weekly basis.   

HKIN students will provide children with the opportunity to develop fundamental movement skills and basic gymnastics skills. Kelly Thompson leads the StFX Community Recreational Gymnastics Program.   

For more information, contact Kelly Thompson at (902) 867-3896 or email @email.  

Strength and Conditioning Interns

Working with the Head Strength and Coach Josh Crouse, students will be assigned to a varsity or club team and work with the athletes on improving their strength and conditioning. Students will also work with individuals in the community who are seeking their expertise.  

For more information, contact Josh Crouse at (902)-867-2218 or email @email.    

Student Athletic Therapists

Students in Years 3 and 4 are assigned to a varsity or club StFX team and learn rehabilitation techniques and injury prevention and treatment. They will attend all practices and games (travel). Students will also volunteer for special events and can be assigned to local sport teams. This opportunity is facilitated by the former Head Athletic Therapist, Tara Sutherland.  

For more information, contact Tara Sutherland at (902) 867-2231 or email @email.