About HR@X

2022 - 2027 People Strategy

The 2022 - 2027 StFX People Strategy, developed out of extensive conversations with both leaders and employees, is designed to build on the strong foundation that already exists in Human Resources. Over the next five years, this plan will guide our work in support of the University's strategic priorities.

At the core of this plan is a shift in our focus from human resources to people and culture. This is about more than a rebranding of our office. It is a shift in our thinking and our approach to be more responsive to the needs of our employees and our union and association partners. This reflected in our new vision and mission, outlined below.

Over the next five years, our focus will be on six key areas: enhancing the employee experience; improving recruitment and retention; equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility; learning and development; health and wellness; and service innovation.

The highlights of this plan are below or you can review the full People Strategy document.


HR@X provides leadership in shaping a diverse and inclusive workplace culture in support of the University’s mission.


HR@X is committed to the development, recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff who strengthen our exceptional student experience.


The Values of the HR Departnment at StFX

Our Six Priority Areas

Recruiting and Welcoming Exceptional, Diverse Employees

We will:

  • Implement an Applicant Tracking System to streamline recruitment for candidates and hiring managers.
  • Examine hiring processes and protocols to ensure fairness and consistency.
  • Redesign the applicant experience to promote the University as a potential employer and, with our external partners, promote Antigonish as an attractive place to live and work.
  • Enhance training for hiring committees to ensure a consistent candidate experience and promote hiring of candidates who enhance our diversity.
  • Create an employee onboarding experience designed to welcome new employees to our community and provide them with the tools to succeed.

Delivering a High-quality Employee Experience

We will:

  • Relaunch the Human Resources website as a hub for employee information and engagement.
  • Refresh the employee performance evaluation process to ensure it aligns with best practices.
  • Provide additional support for individuals experiencing significant life changes.
  • Conduct a comprehensive overhaul of employment policies with a focus on modern work practices and equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility.
  • Review total compensation offerings to ensure they meet the needs of our employees while remaining cost-effective.

Achieving Service Excellence Through Innovation and Technology

We will:

  • Implement a Human Resources Information System and updated Payroll system with enhanced employee self-service.
  • Immediately reorganize service delivery to a client-focused model with dedicated support.
  • Regularly review HR service delivery to ensure it meets employee and department needs.
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement and consistency through establishment of standard operating procedures.
  • Establish key performance indicators for HR services to identify areas for improvement.
  • Provide opportunities for employee feedback and input.

Championing a Diverse, Inclusive and Engaged Employee Culture

With Human Rights and Equity, we will:

  • Embed equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility and the principles of universal design into all HR activities.
  • Sponsor creation of one or more employee resource groups as a safe, welcoming space for historically excluded groups.
  • Lead development of policies designed to promote an inclusive campus and meet the needs of historically excluded groups.
  • Empower employees through EDIA training, particularly on issues related to anti-racism, disability and mental health.
  • Implement diversity self-identification programs for candidates and employees.

Building a Culture of Health Promotion and Wellness@X

We will:

  • Embed health promotion into all HR activities.
  • Create a Healthy Workplace Advisory Committee with broad representation from across campus to champion the Wellness@X program.
  • Build Wellness@X leadership capacity at all levels of the University.
  • Provide opportunities for employees to engage in activities that support their physical and mental health.
  • Launch a Healthy Workplace grant program to provide funding assistance to departments for Wellness@X initiatives.
  • Identify ways to enhance work-life balance and flexibility for employees.

Empowering Employees to Reach Their Full Potential

We will:

  • Create a Leadership@X program to develop new and aspiring leaders.
  • Develop a targeted training program for Chairs and other academic administrators.
  • Design a set of required learning modules for new employees including topics such as health and safety, diversity and maintaining a respectful workplace.
  • Provide regular learning and development opportunities to employees focused on a wide range of work-related topics.
  • Develop a workforce succession planning framework to identify and cultivate potential leaders.
  • Facilitate new mentorship opportunities, particularly for those employees from historically excluded groups.