Student Financial Aid at a Glance


Need-Based Bursaries

The StFX Financial Aid Office manages the bursary program on behalf of the university. In 2023-2024, $1,300,000+ was distributed directly to students via a combination of bursaries (entrance, general and limited bursaries) and other discretionary programs, such as emergency funding for crisis situations. 

All students accessing funds through the bursary program demonstrate varying levels of financial need. Awards typically range from $500 - $1000, depending on the particular award. 

As the cost of living increases, we are seeing increased demand for bursary support. Even a $500 bursary makes a significant difference to a student’s bottom line, helping to cover expenses like tuition, textbooks, rent and other costs.  

Class Bursaries

StFX boasts a proud tradition where graduating classes – or alumni from a particular class year – establish a bursary fund to support future StFX students. This tradition began with the Class of 1954. Throughout time, many classes chose to establish class funds to benefit the students of StFX.

Class of 2024: The Housing eXpense Bursary

The Class of 2024 established this bursary to provide financial support to students experiencing housing insecurity that may affect their academic journey. With the rising cost of inflation, housing expenses have increased dramatically, affecting the ability of students to find affordable housing. This fund will directly support students in need. 

Class of 2023: The uneXpected Crisis Relief Fund

The Class of 2023 established an endowment fund to support students at StFX who are experiencing an unexpected crisis that may affect their academic journey and have a significant financial need.  Issues such as being displaced from their home due to extreme weather events, food insecurity, or replacement of damaged textbooks or learning devices could be considered.  Students from the class of 2023 have experienced many struggles; Covid-19, rising costs, the damage incurred from Hurricane Fiona.  This fund will help support students in their time of need. 

Class of 2022: Textbook Bursary Fund

The Class of 2022 established a textbook bursary fund to support students at StFX who are experiencing financial difficulty in purchasing necessary textbooks for their programs. This fund will help alleviate some of the financial burden of purchasing textbooks, so that students can attend classes with the proper learning materials.  

Class of 2021: Food Security Fund

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many students this year are in a particularly vulnerable position.  With employment opportunities in the summer and during the school year disappearing, some students have been left struggling to afford even basic necessities such as food. With these needs in mind, the Class of 2021 Bursary Fund will provide students in need with a meal in Morrison Hall, taxi fare for a trip to and from the grocery store, and a $50 grocery card. While this fund was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Class of 2021 recognizes there will always be a need to help students facing similar food security challenges in future years. 

Class of 2020: Emergency Circumstance Bursary

Sometimes, unexpected life circumstances can disrupt even the best plans. This fund will help cover costs that stem from unforeseeable events, such as travel to visit a sick relative or tuition support when a job loss or illness prevents a student and their family from making tuition payments. This fund will help alleviate financial stress in a trying time. 

Class of 2019: Emergency Mental Health Bursary

This fund will be help cover costs for students facing unforeseen expenses related to mental health and overall wellbeing. These expenses could include (but aren’t limited to) travel costs to attend the funeral of a loved one, rehabilitation program costs, and legal or travel costs for students who have experienced trauma. StFX’s Health and Counselling centre would disperse these funds as needed. 

Class of 2018: Student Refugee Bursary 

Moved by stories of the global refugee crisis, the Class of 2018 established a bursary specifically for students who either are or have been refugees, or who are the children of refugee parents. This bursary will help cover tuition costs and living expenses as these students pursue a post-secondary education. 

Previous Years
Project 2017 Class Bursary

Awarded to a student who demonstrates financial need and has lived the Ultimate X-Perience; is involved in activities, and has a welcoming X-spirit.

Class of 2007 Bursary

Awarded to African or Indigenous students from any region enrolled full or part-time in the BScN 4 yr. or 2 yr. Accelerated, or the BaSH program.

Class of 1994 Food for Thought Fund

Emergency food security need program. Meal hall tickets are distributed to students in need.

StFX 86-91 Fraser House Alumni X-Ring Bursary

Awarded as funds to purchase an X-Ring to a graduating student in any program.

Class of 1973 "Service to Others" Award

Awarded to students in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of study who are involved in Immersion Service Learning, who demonstrate commitment to community service, financial need and be in good academic standing.

Class of 1971 Bursary

Awarded to a student enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program, that demonstrates financial need, is an academically good student and involved in student activities.

Class of 1970 Legacy Service Learning Bursary

Awarded to 3rd or 4th year Full-time undergraduate students participating in Immersion Service Learning. Students must be in good academic standing and demonstrate financial need.

Class of 1969 Stephen MacNeil Memorial Bursary

Awarded to full-time or part-time students from Cape Breton that demonstrate financial need. Preference to students in their 2nd - 4th years who have children. 

Class of 1968 Bursary

Awarded to a Canadian or International student enrolled full-time or part-time in an undergraduate program, that demonstrates financial need.

Class of 1967 Scholarship

Entrance scholarship awarded to a student in good academic standing who demonstrates qualities and values honoured by StFX-leadership, dedication and service to others. 

Class of 1966 Judge Tramble Scholarship Fund

Awarded to students receiving support from the Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning.

Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund

Awarded to any full-time StFX student who meets the current requirements for a StFX scholarship.

Class of 1963 Bursary

Awarded to students in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of their full-time undergraduate studies. Must be in good academic standing (70% min average) demonstrate financial need and involved in student activities.

Class of 1962 Bursary

Awarded to a student enrolled in their final year of a full-time undergraduate program, that demonstrates financial need and is in good academic standing.

Class of 1961 Rev. R.J. MacSween Scholarship

Scholarships awarded to students entering their first year at StFX.

Class of 1960 Dougher-Levesque Bursary

Awarded to students who demonstrate good academic standing and demonstrate financial need.

Myles Mills Class of 1959 Leadership Award

Awarded to a senior student with financial need, who at the end of their Junior year has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities. 

Class of 1956 Fund

The Class of 1956 Fund generously supports the Chaplaincy Program at StFX. These funds are used to hire students, or to facilitate student participation and projects in Chapel programs.

Class of 1955 Bursary

Awarded to a full-time or part-time student who demonstrates financial need. Must be in good academic standing but below the minimum average needed for an academic scholarship.

Class of 1954 Bursary

Entrance Bursary awarded to a first year student graduating from a public high school in Nova Scotia. 

Emergency Grocery Card Funding

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. Despite careful budgeting and planning, urgent and unforeseen expenses can and do arise for students – upending their budget and any savings in the process. Often, items like groceries and other basic necessities are the first thing students must go without in these situations, further exacerbating an already stressful time.   

Student financial aid at StFX includes a program to provide students with grocery cards in these situations of urgent financial strain. This helps ensure that students can provide for themselves and never have to go without basic necessities.