Day of Giving 2024: Are You Ready For It?

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Join us on March 26, 2024

StFX’s Day of Giving

Raising critical funding to support student financial aid

Making a StFX education possible and accessible


By The Numbers



All money raised will support students experiencing financial need.


10.6% increase in rent in Nova Scotia.

$28,000+ average debt load of Nova Scotia students that finance their undergraduate education.

6.3% increase in grocery prices in Nova Scotia


100% Xaverian Spirit, making a StFX education possible and accessible

70% of last year's Day of Giving donors were Alumni

What impact will your gift make?

  • make it possible for students who might not otherwise have the resources, to attend university
  • lower student’s overall debt, leading to better financial wellness, and allowing students to focus on their education
  • improved academic performance, improved mental wellness, more involvement in community, sports & clubs and a better chance of success
  • provide students with the education and training they need to advance in their careers, helping them to secure better jobs and higher salaries in the future
  • greater equality of opportunity for all students, enabling students from diverse backgrounds to start a new path to success

More about the Day of Giving

The Day of Giving at StFX is a fundraiser and a community builder. It's a chance for us to come together to strengthen the StFX community for all. It bonds us in a common goal - to support our students and their dreams through bursaries and financial aid.

Any amount counts

No gift is too modest to make an impact. See how your contributions can make life better for a StFX student: 

$10 gift  Equal to one swipe at meal hall for breakfast
$20 gift  Equal to one swipe at meal hall for lunch or supper
$80 gift  Equal to a week’s worth of groceries 
$150 gift  Equal to one textbook  
$400 gift  Equal to transportation between StFX & a student’s home for a year (within Atlantic Canada) 
$650 gift  Equal to rent for one month 
$1000 gift  Equal to 1/10th of a domestic student's annual tuition (estimated)