The more we spread the word about the Day of Giving, the more support we can raise for student financial aid at StFX! As a Social Media Ambassador, your voice and influence will encourage others to take part in this exciting moment. Together let's make a big impact!!

Day of Giving 2024 Highlight of Events

Where? Mulroney Hall

When? Tuesday, March 26th 8am – 5pm

Why? Support Bursaries at StFX – Largest One-Day Fundraising Event on Campus

How? In person and online donations are welcomed @

Events throughout the day…

Photo Booth! Wear your StFX branded gear, make a gift and pop into our photo area

Donor Flags! A donor flag will be created, personalized with the donor’s name, for every gift received. Flags will be hung along the corridor in Mulroney Hall (Scholars Walk)

Fun! Gifts $1-$25: spin the wheel for a prize, everyone is a winner 

         Gifts $25++: your choice of cupcake + spin the wheel for a prize



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  • Share one another's posts (we will provide you with the social handles of the other social media influencers involved)

  • Please include the giving page url with each post:

  • Please include language that all gifts support student financial aid a.k.a. bursaries for StFX students (see sample social media posts below)

  • Stop by our donation tables in Mulroney Hall on Tuesday, March 26 for games, prizes and to create & share content!




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Sample social media posts

Are you ready for this year’s Day of Giving? On March 26th, let’s come together and support financial aid to make a StFX university education possible and attainable. Every donation will help a student achieve their dreams!  #OurStFX #StFX 


Did you know that by supporting the StFX Day of Giving, you can help a student... 

  • Buy food 

  • Pay for tutoring and textbooks 

  • Travel home during breaks 

The costs of being a student can add up, but so can our contributions! Any amount counts.  #OurStFX #StFX 


StFX Financial Aid supports students with bursaries to ease the costs of pursuing an education. When money is less of a worry, you can focus more on your studies and getting involved in the community. There’s some easy math!  #OurStFX #StFX 


Going to a university is a life-changing experience. By contributing on the Day of Giving, you can help someone attend StFX who otherwise might not be able to.  

Students who receive financial aid have less debt, improved mental wellness, more involvement in extra-curriculars, and a better chance of career success. 

Make your impact on March 26th!  #OurStFX #StFX