Give to StFX

As one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious universities, St. Francis Xavier University strives to preserve the foundations of its academic excellence established more than 167 years ago and to adapt to the ever-changing needs of its prospective and current students. We cultivate a vibrant community of academically-focused and socially engaged students from across the country and around the world. We are welcoming, inclusive, diverse, and deeply committed to social justice and responsibility. 

With your help, our students can continue to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals without the added obstacle of financial burden. Donations of any size have an impact on our students and our institution as a whole - It's how we can continue to deliver Canada’s premier undergraduate experience.

StFX Family and Friends, we warmly encourage you to give generously and join us in fostering student success both in and out of the classroom. Together, we can ensure that generations of students will attend a StFX that is resolute in its vision, fortified by its incredible alumni network, and above all, committed to excellence.