Post Office

Mail Services is responsible for the sorting and delivery of inter-departmental and incoming Canada Post mail. It is also responsible for the processing of departmental mail items destined for Canada Post delivery.

Postal Procedures

Mail Services for Faculty and Departments

Facilities Management provides delivery and pick-up of both external and internal letter mail and parcels throughout the StFX campus. Mail from Canada Post is picked up early each day, sorted at our central campus mailroom, and delivered to the various faculty and departmental mailrooms on campus typically before 2:00pm. At this time all outgoing mail will be picked up and returned to the central campus mailroom for sorting, postage, and delivery to Canada Post.

All mail must be:

  • Sent in proper envelopes, or in the case of parcels, must be securely wrapped.
  • Clearly and properly addressed.
  • External mail should include a university return address in the upper left-hand corner, containing the name of the sender or their department as well as any other reference that may be necessary to ensure prompt return in the event of non-delivery.

Some special points:

  • Every effort will be made to deliver priority mail the same day it is received.
  • The mailroom uses a computerized mail management system to allocate postage charges to individual departments on campus.
  • The Facilities Management mail van is not staffed or equipped for deliveries other than mail and parcels. We ask that if your department requires a delivery of non-mail items to please contact FM and schedule the delivery with our FM team.
  • In case of severe snowfall/ice, mail delivery may be delayed.

External Letter Mail

External letter mail should be properly sealed in the appropriate sized envelope. For current information regarding postal rates contact Mail Services at ext 3908 or visit the Canada Post website. Letter mail should not contain staples, paper clips, or similar items. Enclosure of such items could result in damage to the mailing machines, damage to the piece of mail, or could cause personal injury.

Mail requiring any special services or handling, such as registered mail, courier or similar services, must be clearly marked, with instructions securely attached, and whenever possible, should be brought to the attention of Mail Services staff in a timely manner by email or a phone call.

Internal Campus Mail

Internal letter mail should be sent in appropriate re-useable internal envelopes. The address should be clearly indicated, and the previous address should be crossed out. When directing mail to a department, please ensure that there is a contact also noted on the envelope.

Student Mail/Courier Services

All student items (mail/courier) must be directed through the StFX Post Office for pickup at our location located on the 1st Floor of Bloomfield Centre. Each student is given a box number and must pick up a key at the beginning of the year and return it at the end of the school year. Please visit us to have your mailbox setup.

Please use the following address to have items shipped to our location:

(Your Name)

5555 Union Place

StFX University (Unit # ___)

Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5

The Post Office Location:

Bloomfield Centre, 1st Floor
5555 Union Place
Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5

Email: @email        Phone: (902)867-3908