The distinctive qualities of StFX University’s brand contribute to the recognizability of its various trademarked logos and the institution as a whole. StFX merchandise that aligns with the University’s Visual Identity Guide and Trademark Guidelines helps build a stronger and more consistent university brand.

The StFX Licensing and Branding Program helps to:

  • Maintain our integrity as a respected and reputable institution.
  • Promote support for and increase awareness of our institution, its vision, mission, and values – Building our University the Way it is Meant to Be.

StFX is owner of several identifying marks, and use of these marks is strictly controlled and protected under the Trademarks Act of Canada. Please refer to the Canadian Trademarks Database for a full list of our registered trademarks.

Look for the ‘StFX Merchandise Official Supplier’ Decal

The “StFX Merchandise – Official Supplier” decal in store windows signifies that the store is officially licensed to sell StFX-branded products.

If you spot an unlicensed product, you can report it to @email. Let us know where it was found and send us an image, screenshot, or URL.


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