Bar Service

The University operates under a Special Premise License granted by the Alcohol and Gaming Division of the Department of Labour and Workforce Development.  All licensed premises on the campus (including the Golden X Inn) operate under this license. Service of alcohol has been assigned to Ancillary Services and is delivered through the Conferences and Special Events Department. If you are interested in booking this service, please contact Justin Searle at @email

Consumption and Distribution of Liquor on Campus

The University does not condone the consumption or service of alcohol in violation of the Liquor Control Act of Nova Scotia.

Furthermore, the University reserves the right to control the consumption or service of alcohol on its property even in cases where such consumption or service is not in violation of the Act.

For these reasons, the consumption and/or distribution of alcohol on campus is prohibited except in the following locations and circumstances:

(a) University residences;
(b) the Golden X Inn
(c) campus events held in accordance with the University Special Premise License; and
(d) campus events held in accordance with any other license issued by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board

License Extensions 

Any campus alcohol event that does not fall within the categories listed in (a)-(d) above requires the approval of the Alcohol and Gaming Division of the Department of Labour and Workforce Development and/or the Nova Scotia Utilities and Review Board.  Applications can be made to these agencies with 21 days written notice and must be made by the Director of Ancillary Services

Important Links

Liquor Services Menu 2024

Nova Scotia Liquor Control Act

Alcohol Policy

Hours of Operation

Under the conditions listed in the Universities’ Special Premise License, alcohol may be distributed from 10:00 a.m. in the forenoon of the day until 1:00 a.m. in the forenoon of the following day.  The University is not permitted to distribute alcohol on Sunday without approval from the AGA.

Application Process

Liquor License application forms are available in the link below and available from the office of the Supervisor of Liquor Services and Manager of Student Union Bar Services.  Event organizers are to complete the Liquor License form and submit it to the office at least seven (7) days before the event. If the event requires approval from the Event Review Committee the Primary Event Organizer (PEO) should include a copy of the approved application with the Risk Management Form. The Supervisor and/or Manager shall satisfy him/her self that the facility requested is available, arrange for bartender service and request Student Security coverage through the Director, Safety and Security, using the norm of one Security Staff for each 50 people attending.  The approved application form is to be prominently displayed at the bar of the event in question.

Liquor License application form

Licensed Areas

Under the conditions listed in the Universities’ Special Premise License, the following areas are licensed


  • Lounge
  • Main Entrance
  • Patio


  • MacKay Room
  • Main Lounge
  • Cafeteria
  • Art Gallery
  • Council Chambers
  • Alumni Lounge
  • Golden X Inn
  • Golden X Inn Patio


  • Marie Desmond Oval
  • Gathering Hall
  • Classroom 124
  • William Dennis Hall
  • Riley Lounge
  • Classroom 118
  • Antigonish Community Foyer
  • Marie Michael Library
  • Classroom 204
  • Classroom 237
  • Classroom 304
  • Staff Lounge
  • Staff Meeting Room


  • Main Gym
  • Loney Lounge
  • Auxiliary Gym
  • Board Room


  • Dining Hall
  • Convention Centre (Barn)
  • Lawn Area (June 1-October 1)


  • Faculty Lounge (8th Fl)


  • Main Dining Area
  • Green Room/Gold Room/Yellow
  • Black Doors 
  • Priests Dining Room
  • Presidents Lounge


  • Conference Rooms A B C
  • Hospitality Room A
  • Hospitality Room B
  • Hospitality Room C
  • Executive Board Room
  • Executive Board Room Balcony
  • Arena Floor
  • Aux Arena Floor
  • 2nd Floor Foyer


  • Immaculta Hall
  • Gilmora Gym


  • Auditorium (Rm. 110)
  • Lobby (Rm. 130)
  • Classroom Lobby (Rm. 150)
  • Gallery Lounge (Rm. 210/230)
  • Classroom Lobby (Rm. 250)
  • Meeting Room (Rm. 281)
  • Board Room (Rm. 285)
  • Staff Lounge (Rm. 330)
  • Classroom Lobby (Rm. 360)
  • McKenna Centre (Rm 414)
  • McKenna Lobby (Rm. 430)
  • Classroom Lobby (Rm. 450)
  • Lounge (Rm. 456)


  • Foyer
  • Room 3046
  • Room 4047


  • Joyce Family Atrium
  • Scholar's Walk
  • East Hall
  • Gallery
  • Level 3 Corridor
  • Meetings Rooms 3077 and 3044
  • Level 4 Corridor
  • Seminar Room 4042
  • Meeting Room 4077
  • Meeting Room 4023