Violence in The Workplace


StFX University is committed to taking all reasonable precautions to provide faculty, staff, students and guests with an environment that is safe, secure and free from violence and threatening behavior.  The University will not tolerate violence/threatening behaviour or any retaliation towards those reporting such incidents. To promote an atmosphere that encourages learning and productive employment, quick responsive action will be taken if violence or the threat of violence arises.

All members of the University community share responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe work environment to the extent of each member’s authority and ability to do so.  StFX University will work to take steps to minimize, and to the extent possible, eliminate the risk of violence in the workplace.

The University will consult with the University Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee when establishing, reviewing or revising the Violence in the Workplace: Prevention and Response Policy.  The University’s Violence in the Workplace: Prevention and Response Policy will be reviewed and revised, if needed, at least once every five (5) years, or if a new risk assessment shows there have been changes to the potential for violence.

Violence in the Workplace Policy and Prevention Plan