Contractor and Vendor Safety



Validation is required for all vendors, including contractors and service providers, who do work on StFX properties.  StFX Authorized Representatives (employees bringing vendor to campus) will click the button above to request validation from the Risk Management office.

Vendor validation is good for three years with periodic updates to insurance and Workers Compensation Board (WCB) certificates.  Contact OHS at 902 867 4932 or @email for more information about validation.

Working On Campus

The StFX Authorized Representative (the StFX employee who is bringing workers or visitors to site) or designate will email Security daily to let them know who will be on campus each day, including work being performed.  Special arrangements will be made through Security if access to buildings is required.  Security can also address any parking inquiries.

All vendor and contractor workers who work on StFX properties are required to complete a Contractor Health and Safety Orientation form. The form expires after 12 months, at which point returning workers must complete it again.

Notice To All Contractors

Temporary Workplaces on Highways Regulations apply to construction, maintenance and utility work performed on campus by vendors that is:
(i)     of a temporary nature, and
(ii)    located on or near a campus street/road, and situated and equipped so that
       (a)   it is a potential impediment to vehicle traffic on the street/road, or
       (b)   an approaching driver has to reduce their speed or alter the path of travel of their vehicle.

A Traffic Control Plan written by an accredited Temporary Workplace Signer is required before this type of work is performed.  The Traffic Control Plan must remain current with daily checklists for the duration of the work.

Vendor Safety Package

Vendor Safety Package PDF Fillable

All businesses and individuals who are contracted to do hazardous work on campus properties will complete a Vendor Safety Package (link above), as it applies to the work they are doing.  Please ensure applicable sections are signed and complete, and all attachments are included in your submission to the StFX Authorized Representative.  Contact OHS at 902 867 4932 with any questions.

StFX Authorized Representative

A StFX employee who brings a vendor to site to perform work is considered an Authorized Representative and is expected to follow the steps contained in the Procurement and Contracting section of the StFX OHS Manual

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Hazard Assessments

Field Level Risk Assessments

Every employee who performs hazardous work must take part in a Daily Field Level Risk Assessment while performing hazardous work on our properties.  The completed and signed FLRAs must be available on the work site for viewing by StFX Authorized Representative (or designate) upon request.  An FLRA is a daily evaluation that is completed prior to work commencing at a job site, and should be updated when conditions change.  The assessment is designed to identify hazards / assess risks that are present due to site or equipment conditions, and control exposure to the hazards before the tasks begin for the day.

Project Hazard Assessments

A Project Hazard Assessment should be completed by the contractor for hazardous work or projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Duration more than one day
  • Subcontractors will be hired
  • Safety Absolutes Hot Work or other Critical Tasks are part of the scope of work.

During the course of a project, the Contractor Supervisor and the StFX Authorized Representative will, from time to time, review conditions on site and procedures in place. If changing conditions, or other factors, suggest that existing procedures may not be adequate then a mid-project Hazard Assessment may be conducted  Completed project hazard assessments will be shared with OHS and Safety & Security.

Hazard Assessment Document from NS WorkSafeForLife



Safety Programs

Vendors should be familiar with StFX safety programs that apply to the work being performed.  Permission from your StFX Representative is required before performing Safety Absolute or Hot Work tasks on StFX property.  

StFX Safety Programs

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