Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

St. Francis Xavier University is committed to the provision of safe and healthy work and learning environments for all faculty, staff, students and visitors; to fostering awareness of the importance of safety and to providing the education necessary to perform activities or duties safely.

St. Francis Xavier University complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and accompanying Regulations of the Province of Nova Scotia.

Implementation of this policy through the establishment of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, based on the concepts of internal responsibilities, will assure that the employer and employees work together to promote health and safety. 

St. Francis Xavier University will consult and cooperate with employees and the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees in pursuing occupational health and safety. 

Active participation in and adherence to the University’s safety policy, programs and the OH&S Act and Regulations is continually supported and is a condition of employment.

Safety is a shared responsibility of all employees including management, faculty, staff and students.  All employees are responsible for following established procedures, working safely and wherever possible, improving safety measures.  Also, they are equally responsible and accountable for their own well-being as well as that of their colleagues.  Every employee is responsible for reporting any health hazards and unsafe conditions or practices immediately to their supervisor.

Signed Version of Policy January 2022