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We have taken great care to make the information below accurate. However, in case of any discrepancies, the academic calendar is the authoritative source of information.

Note: The Major program has been revised in 2024, and this is reflected in the information below. Major students who started their studies before 2024 will complete their program according to the old rules. The Chair may provide you with information on this if needed.

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Interested? The table below enables you to plan the five most popular programs according to your personal preferences. You can move courses to different time slots, but pre-requisites need to be considered. The program will make you aware of potential problems, but if you need help simply contact the Chair of Physics.

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  • Select the year when you start(ed) your BSc program at StFX
  • Select the program that you are interested in
  • Click and drag a course to move it to a different time slot. Drag and drop is not available on some mobile devices. Use the click options instead.
  • Click on a course to
    • move the course to a different location. The program will check prerequisites and availability.
    • show the course outline.
    • Enter the ID of a specific course. For instance, you can specify that an open elective should be PHYS 371. You can only edit courses shown in gray.
  • There is an empty 6th column to which you can drag courses as well, in case you are planning to take more than 5 courses in one term.
  • Contact the Chair if you encounter any problems with the table


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  • A significant number of our courses is usually offered only every other year. However, we will always make sure that all courses are offered that you need to complete your program.
  • The program has information about most courses at StFX, but not about all. If you receive a message that the course is unknown, you need to check prerequisites yourself. Also, the joint programs with economics are preliminary and subject to change.
  • 6-credit courses are treated like two 3-credit courses. If you decide to move such a course, make sure you move both parts.
  • This is only a tool to assist you in planning your studies, not an official resource. You still need to fill out the declaration form and have it approved by the Chair of the department and the Dean.
  • AGAIN: with this web page, you are only creating a plan for your studies. The actual courses you will take may be different, and there is some flexibility in these programs. Talk to the Chair if you have any questions.
  • If you haven't found the program that you would like to take, contact the Chair. Some of the programs in the table have been created because a student asked for it.


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