Careers in Education

Increasing concern about the nutritional health of our young people and the importance of school health and nutrition education is leading to more opportunities for careers in education.  With an appropriate selection of courses, students may also meet the requirements for admission to a B.Ed. program in either the Elementary or Secondary concentration. With 18 credits in open electives, the BSc HNU degree is a great preparatory degree for B.Ed. programs. 

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Elementary school teachers require a foundation in English, math, social studies and development psychology.  

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In order to qualify for a family studies teachable (Secondary), a student must present a core of at least 18 credits of human nutrition. These courses must be augmented by a combination of courses in other subject areas which address the field of family dynamics. In general, these courses may be drawn from biology, psychology, sociology, and business administration. Students interested in pursuing this particular option should consult with the Faculty of Education. In addition, physiology-based courses such as HNU 262, 355 (352), and 354/454(353) can be used towards a biology teachable either as a minor or as a second major. See the Academic Calendar  for more details).  

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