Human Nutrition Department

Welcome to Human Nutrition at StFX!

Food is never just food. It represents so much of who we are as individuals, communities, and societies. What we eat reflects our cultural backgrounds, family traditions, physiological needs, taste preferences and beliefs about what’s good for our bodies. What we eat is also influenced by what we can afford, what is available to us where we live, work and play, and what the planet can provide us with.

Never was there a more urgent need for people who understand these connections, to prepare our communities to achieve optimal health. The StFX Human Nutrition program provides you with opportunities to explore the many ways eating impacts health. The program provides you with a strong understanding of not only the way our bodies use nutrients, but also the importance of creating communities where healthy food is available to all, and in ways that nurture the environment.

Working with local community groups like the Antigonish Farmers Market, newcomers’ groups, children’s programs, seniors’ initiatives, sports teams, and entrepreneurs, students apply what they are learning in the classroom and lab to address needs in our local community and develop lifelong career skills. Hands on learning starts in year one!

Whether you are preparing for a career in dietetics, medicine and the health professions, or education, environmental sustainability, business or community work, the Human Nutrition program prepares you to lead and succeed.

Our instructors are passionate about food and nutrition and love working with students. We can’t wait to work with you!

Ann Fox, PhD, RD
Chair, Department of Human Nutrition




Human Nutrition Resources