Bachelor of Science with Diploma in Engineering (4 years)

Program overview

This option allows students to obtain both a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma in Engineering in four years. The combined option will provide students with the opportunity to add an Applied Sciences focus to their studies while completing their BSc. This combination will be beneficial to students who want to supplement their BSc in any of the below disciplines with skills offered through the engineering diploma.  

Graduates will be in the unique position to choose whether they would like to continue to graduate school in the sciences or engineering, look for employment across a widened field of opportunities, or enrol in the engineering program at Dalhousie to obtain their Bachelor of Engineering.  

Students can also complete a Diploma in Engineering concurrently with an advanced major. Students interested in pursuing a joint advanced major, honours, or joint honours degree concurrently with a Diploma in Engineering may do so; these options will require additional credits above the standard 120 credits for the four-year B.Sc program. Contact Academic Advising for more information.

Please note that Year 1 is very important and should include the following 30 credits: 

CHEM 121, CHEM 122; ENGR 121, ENGR 122, ENGR 128, ENGR 132, ENGR 136, ENGR 147; PHYS 121, PHYS 122. 

For more details on all the above program information, see the Academic Calendar

Participating departments: