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Welcome to Earth and Environmental Sciences at X!

We’re excited that you are considering studying with us.  The Earth and Environmental Sciences department offers an interdisciplinary program that applies principles of math, chemistry, physics and biology to understanding changes in the Earth’s environment, materials, climate and resources.

Our small department offers degree options to suit a range of interests from geology to environmental science, guided by faculty who are international experts in their fields.  Faculty in Earth and Environmental Sciences maintain externally funded and high-profile research activities and regularly hire undergraduate students as research assistants during term and summer.  You can expect to be exposed to a cutting-edge research environment typical of larger universities, with the benefits of a small undergraduate university setting, where close contact with professors who want to see you succeed in your degree is the norm.

Earth and environmental scientists find resources such as the minerals used for your technology, measure and monitor environmental contamination, and work with and develop computer models for understanding climate change.  This degree prepares students for postgraduate studies, as well as a wide range of careers in industry and government, in areas related to geological sciences, renewable resources, energy transition, environmental monitoring of soil, water and air, climate science, and financial institutions where Earth and environmental sciences knowledge is vital for investment and economic planning.  Through their degree, students will have opportunities to develop a broad set of skills in areas related to: field sample collection, data analysis, laboratory analysis, computer modelling and a range of professional skills.

Dr. Lisa Kellman
Professor and Chair, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences


Earth and Environmental Sciences Department

2052 Nasso Family Science Centre
5009 Chapel Square
Antigonish NS B2G 2W5

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