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Welcome to Engineering at StFX!

The Engineering Department at StFX is outstanding in that all members have their Ph.D. and have been active in research. All teaching faculty are professional engineers. But, what is engineering? This term is derived from the Latin ingenium meaning “cleverness” and ingeniare (a verb) meaning “to contrive, devise”.

The Engineering Profession Act defines engineering as "the science and art of designing, investigating, supervising the construction, maintenance or operation of, making specifications, inventories or appraisals of, and consultations or reports on machinery, structures, works, plants, mines, mineral deposits, processes, transportation systems, transmission systems and communication systems or any other part thereof."

Prepare to:

  • receive WHMIS, OHS, and Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (EDIA) workshops. 
  • liaise with members of the local community to create solutions which involve the development of new designs and upgrades for pre-existing systems. 
  • participate in Riipen partnership projects whereby you work with an industry partner on an academic project and receive feedback as you would from an employer.
  • learn programming, which includes an Arduino programming project. 
  • access and become proficient in many software packages including AutoCAD and Inventor, SolidWorks, PFrame, Logisim and TINA-TI. 
  • learn how to 3D print from idea to final product.

Opportunities are also available to participate in faculty-led research. Finally, you could connect with local engineering firms, go on field trips as part of coursework, and interact with Engineers Nova Scotia. Build your own professional network from your first day of being part of the Xavierian family.

Come visit us at Nasso Family Science Centre, 3rd Floor, or schedule an online chat. We would be happy to share with you all of our exciting opportunities!

Dr. Katarin MacLeod, Chair
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Engineering Department

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