Student Forum on Global Issues

The Global Issues Forum is a cross-disciplinary, academic event organized by the Development Studies program along with interested faculty from other departments. It provides students with the opportunity to discuss a critical contemporary global issue with students from other classes and, in the past, with Coady diploma participants. The goal is to engage in open dialogue from different perspectives, learning from each other.

Forum Topics

2023: Housing & Homelessness.
2022: Not held.
2021: The Marshall Decision, Moderate Livelihood Fishery in Nova Scotia and Treaty Relations.
2020: COVID-19 and Its Impact.
2019: Informal/Gig Economy.
2018: Sustainable Development Goals.
2017: The UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) and Free, Prior and Informed Consent.
2016: Environmental Citizenship.
2015: Inequality.
2014: Jobs versus the Environment.
2013: Canadian Foreign Aid and Canadian Foreign Investment.
2012: What is the Effect of Transnational Migration?
2011: A Critique of Philanthrocapitalism featuring Michael Edwards.
2010: “First as Tragedy, Then as Farce” Featuring Slavoj Zizek and RSA Animates.
2009: Dambisa Moyo-Stephen Lewis Munk Debate.
2008: “Wal-Mart – The High Cost of Low Prices”
2007: The History and Impact of Oil Exploration in Ecuador Featuring a Discussion of the Film “Trinkets and Beads”.
2006: “Business and the Environment” Featuring a Discussion of the Film “The Corporation”.
2005: Not Held (too many organizers on sabbatical)
2004: Corporate Social Responsibility.
2003: The Impact of Subsidies for Farmers/Communities in both the North and the South, Featuring a Case Study in Mexican Corn.
2002: “Does International Trade Benefit Everyone?”
2001: “The Benefits of Free Trade?”