Development Studies Degree Requirements

The following program options are available:

  • BA with Honours in Development Studies with a Subsidiary subject.
  • BA with Joint Advanced Major in Development Studies and another subject.
  • BA with Joint Major in Development Studies and another subject.
  • A minor or subsidiary in Development Studies.

Other options include:

  • Pair 101 and at least one of DEVS 201/202 with another three (3) or six (6) credits of Development Studies.
  • Take Introduction to International Development (Devs 101 and 201/202) as electives.

The StFX Development Studies Program gives students hands-on experience in community-based development. After completing courses that lay a theoretical foundation for understanding community-based development, students can opt for an internship during which they work on a community-based development project in Canada or abroad. Some students will use this experience as the basis for an honours thesis.

For more information, please refer to the StFX academic calendar.