DEVS 412: Internship in Development Studies

The Internship builds on DEVS 311: Issues in Development Practice. Students may extend their placement from DEVS 311 or undertake a new posting. The class will be largely experiential. Students will be required to blog regularly, to submit critical reflection papers, to produce a research product of use to their host organization, to make an oral presentation, and to submit a final written report.

Course Registration

Registration in DEVS 412 requires the approval of the course instructor, who directly controls registration. This instructor approval should be sought and granted by the end of the academic term in which the student is taking DEVS 311.  Students will register in DEVS 412 in the fall term following the internship placement. A final grade for the internship will be submitted at the end of the fall term (in conjunction with final grades for other fall term courses).

Internship Arrangements and Costs

The internship placement (2 to 3 months in duration) will take place during the intervening months between completion of DEVS 311 and the beginning of the next academic year. Please note: finding an appropriate internship placement (which must be approved by the course instructor) is the responsibility of the student. Also, all costs associated with the internship placement are the responsibility of the student. Students may pursue internships placements locally, at other locations within Canada, or in foreign countries. Students are permitted to receive compensation from host organizations for work they do during the internship placement.