The field of sport management is broad, covering management in the context of professional, amateur, and intercollegiate sports as well as community recreation, and is experiencing rapid growth world-wide. 

The Minor in Sport Management is an exciting option for students in the StFX Business Administration program. This Minor prepares BBA students interested in pursuing an advanced degree in the field of sport management, and for careers working with sport organizations (recreational and elite) and communities. Students earn the Minor concurrently with their chosen Major in Business Administration. 

The Minor begins with a first year Introduction to Sport Management course and, progressing within a cohort, students build upon this foundational material each year in courses that draw upon the concepts and skills brought to the Minor. This Minor is delivered in partnership with the Human Kinetics program at StFX, and in it students complete courses related to sports ethics, sports marketing, sport history, and more. 

Students wishing to pursue a minor in sport management apply at the end of first year. This is a limited enrolment program.