Our business programs combine the acquisition of conceptual knowledge with applied and experiential learning approaches that include work terms, projects, presentations, simulations, field trips, class discussions, case analyses, lectures, readings, films, guest speakers, service learning, and much more. 

The Gerald Schwartz School of Business offers BBA majors, advanced majors and honours streams in Accounting, Finance, Management, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Marketing and Enterprise Systems. A minor in Sport Management is also available to BBA students. Learn more 

Program Overview

Students in the BBA program enjoy hands-on, immersive learning opportunities in one of Canada’s finest undergraduate business programs. Our programming emphasizes experiential learning and is delivered by faculty whose research is relevant to practicing managers, and who are recognized as engaging, effective teachers. A StFX BBA puts you on the fast-track to a fulfilling career in your chosen field of study.

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Degrees Offered

The following undergraduate degrees are offered in Business Administration:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration with MAJOR*
  • Bachelor of Business Administration with ADVANCED MAJOR*
  • Bachelor of Business Administration with HONOURS*
  • Bachelor of Business Administration with JOINT HONOURS in business administration and economics

Note: Within each program and stream, students may also choose a co-op work-study option and/or may participate in an international exchange to earn credits abroad that may count toward their BBA degree and/or include a Minor in Sport Management.

* Streams in accounting, entrepreneurship, enterprise systems, finance, international business, management and leadership, or marketing

Course Structure

In the first and second year you will take core courses shared among each of the Faculty of Business disciplines. At the end of your second year you will be required to declare your major, which dictates your course selection for the following years. Students in their 3rd and 4th year select focused courses based on their declared major. Generally, students can expect a course pattern as described below.

Year(s) of Study Required Courses Elective Courses
1 Business, Economics, Math, and Statistics Arts and Science
2 Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management and Enterprise Systems Arts and Science
3&4 Business courses as specified by your declared major area of study Arts, Science, and Business
Degree Requirements

All students in the BBA program need to choose their area of concentration at the end of their second year of studies. Students will declare their major in one of the seven streams identified above. Students who qualify academically for the advanced major or honours programs will be able to apply for these degree streams at that time.

The structure of the BBA major, advanced major and honours degree programs is as follows:

BBA Degree Requirements Major Advanced Major Honours
Business core credits 27 27 27
Business stream prescribed credits 21 27 27
...including   capstone course methods course & thesis
Business electives 15 9 9
Total Business credits 63 63 63
Arts/Science prescribed credits 121 121 121
Arts/Science electives 362 362 362
Total Arts/Science credits 48 48 48
Open credits 9 9 9
Total credits 120 120 120

1. For the finance stream: Arts/Science credits prescribed total 18.
2. For the finance stream: Arts/Science electives total 30.

BBA Programs

A student working at a computer


Provides the data on which business decisions regarding profitability, sustainability and wealth are made.

two students working at a computer

Enterprise Systems

Equips students with the critical knowledge and practical skills to design, develop, and manage large technology systems for global organizations.

A student entrepreneur with a whiteboard of ideas


Provides the competencies needed to start, develop and/or manage a small business venture, and learn the skills that are in demand by growth industries.

Students in Gerald Schwartz School of Business trading room


Provides students with the tools to evaluate how to make investment decisions and finance the same.

A large stack of multicoloured cargo containers

International Business

Provides the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in an international business environment and gain a global perspective.

A business student in a classroom

Management & Leadership

Explores the strategic and human dimensions of business, like creating a work environment where people can thrive and accomplish goals responsibly.

Hands of students working on a marketing project


Helps organizations understand customer perceptions of value and how to create, communicate, and deliver that value better than the competition.

a sports stadium

Minor in Sport Management

Prepares business students for careers working with elite and recreational sport organizations and communities.