Principles for Responsible Management Education

The pace of change, and magnitude of risks, facing business is unprecedented. In response, the United Nations put forth the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for unified action towards ecological sustainability and shared prosperity. 

Business leaders are thus called upon to protect the earth’s biosphere, which supports all of life, and to promote a type of prosperity that is just, equitable, and inclusive, and which improves the human condition. 

The United Nations PRME initiative is a framework to promote this sense of responsibility, urgency, and ethic amongst future business leaders – our students. At the Gerald Schwartz School of Business, PRME honors who we are – a business school grounded in the values of service and social responsibility, within a university for which social justice, community engagement, active citizenship, and a global sense of responsibility are hallmarks of our history and core to our DNA.

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