Designed to create independent, resourceful, successful leaders. 

Our school and programs are purpose-built to ensure your success. No wonder our students go on to the best graduate schools in the world—and the most satisfying careers. 

Smaller class sizes 

Our Intro to Business classes average around 50 students; second year BSAD classes average fewer than 45 students per class; third- and fourth-year class sizes average around 30 students. Smaller class sizes are one reason we’re able to design experiential components into our course structures. It’s something that simply wouldn’t be possible if we had classes of 250—like many other business schools. 

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Learn by doing 

At the Gerald Schwartz school, you’ll benefit from real-world experiences that bring your learning to life. Many our case-based classes are modelled after the Harvard approach to business education. We supplement cases with other experiential learning opportunities like simulations, service learning projects, research projects, co-op, and global exchange. 

Global destination 

About 70% of Schwartz School of Business students come from outside of Nova Scotia, and about 11-12% of our students hail from outside of the country. This ensures a more vibrantly diverse student body. And just as importantly, it speaks volumes about the value of our program that so many—from so far—choose the Schwartz School. 

A uniquely inspiring environment 

StFX calls the charming town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, home. Our warm, lively, and central campus is woven into the very fabric of this vibrant town. In this stunning setting you’ll find an inspiring and modern academic facility: our $23 million Gerald Schwartz School of Business. 

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