The history of StFX University is a 170-year story of people with bold dreams and ambitions committed to social justice, social responsibility, and engaged citizenship. Over that time, this institution has grown into a vibrant community with a distinct character. While we build on what has always defined us, the StFX community is advancing a new mission, vision and values that empower us to tackle some of our most urgent challenges and realize a more equitable, accessible, and sustainable future. 

Strategic Plans 
Operational Plans

Building our university the way it is meant to be is our shared vision of the future. Our values – Academically Driven; Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (EDIA), Community, Responsive, Sustainability – represent who we are and what we can achieve, together. Our community is taking the next steps and we hope you will join us on that journey. 

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The Fabric We Weave Together

The University Strategic Plan provides the overarching framework for the university’s activities by expressing our common mission, vision, and values. Integrated strategic planning develops the path that will get us there. The cross-university nature of our strategic planning is designed to break down silos and encourage co-operation and relationship building across departments in pursuit of initiatives that will advance StFX’s vision.   

Our integrated planning framework is visualized as a woven cloth fabric. The weave is inspired by Indigenous symbolism, reminding us of the history of this land and the communities we serve. Our strategy is strong and flexible, multidimensional, and highly integrated, tying together our university’s history and future into a vision of who we are and aspire to become. See how the various elements of the plan interact.

An infographic about strategic plans

Living Our Values

Featured Story

A child and a woman holding a life jacket

Value: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (EDIA)

Disability and Health – Removing barriers that restrict: Meet Dr. Amanda Casey
Five people standing together

Value: Academically Driven, Sustainability

Victor and Mona Dahdaleh invest $15 million into StFX's Institute for Innovation in Health
Students talking to each other in a crowd

Value: Academically Driven

Sharing and Learning: StFX's Annual Student Research Day provides opportunity to delve into incredible student research projects

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Living Our Values

If you are a member of the StFX community and would like to share your strategic-plan related initiatives with the rest of the university, please contact us. We will regularly feature the great work being done on campus to support and advance our mission, vision and values.


The entire University community is responsible for working together to action our values and initiatives, assist those accountable for the work, and effect changes across our campus. To improve transparency and ensure accountability, we have developed accountability frameworks to guide implementation and track our progress. Accountability Frameworks are developed and maintained in consultation with our campus communities and the service providers responsible for implementation.


Building our University the way it is meant to be is a bold vision. It will require us to be very disciplined about tracking our progress against the five values we aspire to action: Academically Driven, EDIA, Community, Responsive and Sustainability.

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