StFX University values equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. This is outlined in the StFX Strategic Plan: Building Our University the Way it it Meant to Be, and our work is continuing. The StFX Accessibility Plan (2022-25) is intended to not only coordinate the accessibility services, programs, and initiatives that already exist, but also guide StFX’s ongoing commitment towards a campus that is accessible, equitable and inclusive. 

StFX Accessibility Plan

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Developing the Plan

Developing an Accessibility Plan has been a collaborative effort, stewarded through the StFX Accessibility Advisory Committee and the StFX Student Accessibility Advisory Committee. Each committee includes members who have lived experience with disabilities, as well as those who are responsible for providing service, education or research at the university. The development of the Plan was informed by:

  • A series of campus-wide consultations between November 2021 and March 2022, including focus groups and meetings with individuals and groups.
  • Intentionality around committee membership – each group includes members who have lived experiences with disabilities, as well as service providers at the university.
  • Consultation with people with disabilities, campus groups representing persons with disabilities, and service providers responsible for accessibility work.
  • A series of online focus groups to gather feedback and recommendations for accessibility improvement across each area of focus.
  • Dedicated web content on StFX’s public website, including an online feedback form (available 24/7) to capture feedback and advice.
  • Intentional connection with other strategic initiatives at StFX that have significant overlap, for example, the StFX Student Experience and Opportunity Plan and President’s Action Committee on Anti-Racism report.
  • The initial recommendations to the Minister of Justice on Accessibility Standards in Education: Phases 1 & 2. The Education Standard Development Committee is assisting the Accessibility Advisory Board with making recommendations to the Minister of Justice on the content and implementation of a proposed standard to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility in early childhood, primary, secondary, and post-secondary education.

Alignment and Coordination

For the Accessibility Plan to be successful with its implementation objectives, it is necessary for it to be aligned with other StFX strategic and guiding documents, policies, and procedures. See how the various elements of our integrated planning framework interact.


Accessibility Plan

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