Board of Governors

Current members of the Board

Summary of Board Proceedings

Next Board of Governors Meeting: June 15 & 16, 2023  

The Board of Governors is the senior governing body of the University. The responsibilities of the Board are set out in the St. Francis Xavier University Act.  Further procedural matters related to the activities of the Board are described in the University By-laws. 

The Board composition includes: 

  • the Chancellor
  • the President
  • the Vicar of the Founder
  • one person appointed by the Vicar of the Founder
  • the President of the Alumni Association
  • one member of the alumni of the University appointed by the Alumni Association
  • two members of the Faculty elected by the Faculty, each having not less than five years’ service to the University
  • two persons appointed by the priests of the Diocese
  • the President of the StFX University Students’ Union
  • one member of the StFX University Students’ Union elected by the students of the University
  • 12 governors as may be elected by the Board

Members of the 2023-2024 Board of Governors

Chair, Board of Governors
Dennis Flood

Vice-Chair, Board of Governors
Lisa Raitt

John Peacock

President and Vice-Chancellor
Dr. Andrew Hakin

Vicar of the Founder
Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick

Appointed Members

  • Paul Ash
  • Bill Burke
  • Francisco Chang
  • Ron Chisholm
  • Cynthia Dorrington
  • Marc Furlotte
  • Karen Gardiner
  • Michael Gillis
  • Lynda Harling Stalker
  • Alfred Leblanc
  • Greg MacEachern
  • Peter Marzlin
  • Jamie O’Reilly
  • Sylvia Parris Drummond
  • Rose Paul
  • Kathleen Sheridan
  • William Sweet
  • Avery Vadnai
  • Marie Walsh