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Committee on Academic Review
Departmental Evaluation Committees (DEC)

Members of the StFX community can access resources related to the DEC process here. 

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List of Chairs and Coordinators

The current list of Chairs, Coordinators and Directors can be found here.

Convocation Award Guidelines
Faculty Annual Report
Developing Academic Programs

StFX has always supported its departments, schools, and faculties in developing and implementing new academic offerings, which are responsive to the needs of the local and broader communities. 

This document, developed by an APP ad hoc subcommittee between 2015 and 2017, outlines the processes the university follows for developing new academic programs. The document describes the key activities and approval checkpoints, as well as the roles and responsibilities of various groups.   

The following types of credentials are included: 

  • New degree and diploma programs 
  • Substantially modified programs 
  • Concentrations 
  • Minors 
  • Certificates 
  • Colloquia 
Review of Academic Administrators

Senior Academic Administrators are reviewed through a regular and transparent process.  Details about the process and timeline for evaluation of the current leadership team is available here.

Academic Priorities and Planning Subcommittees 
Timetable Review Committee

Type:  Ad hoc Committee

Established in March 2016, the Timetable Review Committee shall have the responsibility of conducting a full review of the current timetabling process at StFX.  The Committee will examine the two central components of the timetabling process: 1) the current time block structure (the schedule) and 2) the process that is used to allocate courses and rooms within that structure. This committee reports to APP in an advisory capacity and is not a decision-making committee. 


AVP&P - chair 
3 faculty members (APP & CON - Cory Rushton, Brad Long, Martin van Bommel) 
Head, Student Services 
4 Deans 
Student Academic VP 
1 Academic Advisor 
Manager, Academic Projects 
Associate Registrar -- Academic 

Enrolment Advisory Committee 

Type: Standing Committee 

Originally established in winter 2015 by President MacDonald as the Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) Committee, the committee name and reporting structure was changed after a review of Senate committees in the fall of 2015.  The  committee was made an APP sub-committee and re-named the the Enrolment Advisory Committee to reflect Senate's interest in enrolment. This committee reports to APP in an advisory capacity and is not decision-making.  


Registrar - Chair 
Director of Communications  
Head, Student Services 
1 Dean  
Associate Registrar - Recruitment 
Associate Registrar - Enrolment  
Manager, Academic Projects and Planning 
4 Senators - 1 from each Faculty  
Student VP Academic 

Student Academic Engagement Committee 

Type: Standing Committee 

Established in 2017, this committee manages the retention of students from the service level. The committee considers the student population from point of contact as high school students to graduation and alumni status. The purpose of the committee is to enhance the retention rates and student services through consistent and thorough communication between all units of academic and non-academic services at an operational level.  

It is not a decision-making committee.  


Associate Registrar - Enrolment - Chair 
Manager of Student Experience 
Director, Student Life 
Manager, Student Success Centre 
Manager, University Housing 
1 academic advisor 
Associate Dean 
International Admissions Specialist 
Director, Internationalization 
Financial Aid Officer 
3 Faculty members  

Subcommittee to Explore Departmental and Interdisciplinary Reorganization

Type: Ad hoc committee 

Purpose: to determine if StFX is organized to realize its potential in academic programs. 

Members: (4, one from each faculty) 
Jane McMillan  
Bobbi Morrison 
Dan Robinson 
Dave Risk 

Subcommittee to Explore Grading System for Undergraduate Programs 

Type: Ad hoc Committee 

Established October 2018.  The purpose of this ad hoc committee is to examine Section 3.10d of the Academic Calendar, to discuss both the written work and grade percentage requirements for undergraduate courses.  The Committee should seek feedback from Faculty members and students. 

1 Dean - chair 
8 Faculty members - 2 from each Faculty 
3 student members