Role of the Academic Vice-President and Provost

The Academic Vice-President and Provost is the chief academic officer of the University and the principal advisor to the President on all academic affairs, serving as highest ranking officer reporting to the President. The AVP promotes the academic mission of the University by championing excellence and innovation in teaching, scholarship, and service to the community, facilitated by effective strategic academic planning and budgeting. The AVP works closely with other Vice-Presidents to attract and retain excellent students, and to promote the premier student experience for which St. Francis Xavier University is known. 

The Academic Vice-President is responsible for academic standards and the recruitment, retention, and development of faculty. Other responsibilities include program development and assessment, implementation of academic policies and procedures, and oversight of academic personnel including faculty, academic support professionals, and administrative employees. 

At StFX, three hundred faculty members within the University’s four faculties and 30 departments and schools provide educational programs for over 4000 students. The Deans of the four Faculties – Arts, Business, Education and Science, the Associate Vice President Research and Graduate Studies, Registrar, University Librarian, and the Directors of Internationalization and Continuing Education report to the Academic Vice-President and Provost.

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