Picture of Dr. Shannon Murray from University of Prince Edward Island

The Maple League is excited to invite you to an upcoming session on Beyond Measure: A Nervous Approach to Ungrading, hosted by the University of Prince Edward Island's Dr. Shannon Murray. 

What: Beyond Measure: A Nervous Approach to Ungrading

When: Wednesday, November 9th @ 11am (ET)/ Noon (AT)

Where: Live on Zoom - register with this link.

About the session: 

This is an interactive session for anyone who is curious about the real connection between grades and learning. My own approach to the idea of "ungrading" has been by times enthusiastic and uncomfortable: I am convinced that grading is one of the two most damaging aspects of contemporary higher education and at the same time I struggle to shift my thinking -- and my students' thinking -- away from that mindset. The session itself will briefly outline some of the arguments for ungrading, relying on some of the work of Jesse Stommel, Susan Blum, and others, before moving to low-risk strategies for introducing classroom ungrading practices even within a system that ultimately requires a final grade.

If you have thoughts or questions, please contact the Maple League's Faculty Excellence Developer, Neil Silcox at nsilcox@ubishops.ca