The Maple League is excited to invite you to an upcoming session on Open Educational Resources, hosted by St. Francis Xavier's Dr. Erin Mazerolle. 

Picture of Dr. Erin Mazerolle from St. Francis University

What: Open Educational Resources: Strategies for Engaging Students

When: Wednesday, October 26th @ 11am (ET)/ Noon (AT)

Where: Live on Zoom - register with this link:

About the session: By replacing traditional textbooks and saving students money, open educational resources (OERs) help improve financial equity and accessibility in the post-secondary classroom. Compared to a class using a traditional textbook, student outcomes are as good or better when an OER is used. OER adoption is rapidly increasing, but barriers remain for faculty. In this session, we will discuss how using an OER can benefit faculty directly. We will also discuss strategies for finding or creating an OER for your class. Finally, I’ll present an upcoming research project on the benefits of open educational pedagogy for students and faculty.

If you have thoughts or questions, please contact the Maple League's Faculty Excellence Developer, Neil Silcox at @email.