Requests for Information

Handling requests for information & FOIPOP applications


FOIPOP applications are intended to be a means of last resort. The legislation does not replace the usual manner in which individuals requested information from University personnel and offices in the past. The FOIPOP Act does, however, make provisions for easier access to records, for the more stringent collection, use, and disclosure of personal information, and for the correction of personal information. This policy provides procedures that University personnel are to follow regarding requests for information and FOIPOP applications.


  • Upon a request for information determine whether the request is for general or personal information. 
  • Determine who is requesting the information. A request from within the University usually means the information may be released or granted. Be mindful that records deemed "confidential" or "sensitive" are not to be widely distributed within the University or to unauthorized individuals. 
  • If you have determined that the information sought is neither confidential, sensitive, nor personal in nature, the information may usually be granted. For example, published reports can be distributed without concern. Each department should create a routine access policy determining what type of information may be distributed on a regular basis. If you are not certain as to the correct course of action in regard to releasing information do not hesitate to call the FOIPOP Coordinator at 902-867-3889, or to refer to the Nova Scotia Legislation online. 
  • If you have determined that your office does not have the responsibility, nor the "official copy" of the record that is requested, please pass on the request to the appropriate office and inform the requestor. The University Archives may house the official copy of a record if it is inactive. 
  • If you have determined that the information is confidential, sensitive, or personal in nature, inform the requestor that you will not release the information. It can only be obtained via a formal FOIPOP application. 
  • If the requestor wishes to complete a FOIPOP application inform him/her that the application is available from the FOIPOP Coordinator at 902-867-3889 or via the FOIPOP website. A fee of $5.00 must accompany the application. Requestors are not required to enclose a fee with the application if they are seeking information about themselves. 
  • If you have further questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact the FOIPOP Coordinator at 902-867-3889