Processing Application

Filing a FOIPOP application

Accessing a FOIPOP application:

A FOIPOP application is available to download here. It can also be obtained by contacting StFX's FOIPOP Coordinator:

Randy Peters
Director, Risk Management
211 Service Building
Phone: 1.902.867.3889
Email: @email

All applications must be directed to the FOIPOP Coordinator.


  1. Complete the application and attach the necessary $5.00 fee. The cheque/money order should be made in the favour of St. Francis Xavier University. The fee must be paid before any action is taken on the application. A fee does not need to accompany the completed application if the applicant is requesting personal information about him/her or wishes to have personal information about him/her corrected or amended.
  2. Mail the completed application and fee to the FOIPOP Office. All FOIPOP applications are required to be in writing. No applications will be accepted via email.
  3. The FOIPOP Coordinator will determine which office has the responsibility for the official copy of the record/information the applicant is requested. Sometimes several offices or individuals may need to be contacted in regard to one application. As well, a third party outside the University may also be required to be contacted.
  4. According to the FOIPOP Act the applicant is to receive a written response to an application within the 30th day the application is received. If it is determined that an application may require the searching or viewing of a large number of records or a third party notification, the Act provides for a time extension past the designated 30 days. The Act also makes provisions for the charging of fees for the searching, retrieving, preparing for disclosure, and shipping and handling of the records. If necessary, the applicant will be notified of a time extension and/or fee estimate. No further work will be undertaken on the application if the applicant does not agree to the fee estimate or a time extension. Only the first two hours contributed to the completion of the application are free.
  5. After all relevant records are examined and the investigation has been completed the decision is made. It may provide for full disclosure of the requested information, partial disclosure (severing), or non disclosure. The letter will state the FOIPOP Act's pertinent sections for partial or non disclosure. The record or information may not be in the custody or control of the University.
  6. The applicant will be informed of the decision in writing.
  7. If the applicant is not satisfied with the decision he has the option of appealing to the Review Office. He/she has a period of 60 days to appeal from the date the applicant was notified of the decision. A third party notified can also make a request for review of the decision. Individuals can also make a direct appeal to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.
  8. Voluntary mediation may be part of the review process. If the matter is not settled via this method the Review Officer will request the pertinent documentation from the FOIPOP Coordinator and the University and conduct an investigation. The Review Officer will then make his/her recommendation regarding the case. The University President (or approved designate) will make a decision within 30 days after receiving the report of the Review Officer.
  9. Within 30 days after receiving the decision either parties can appeal to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia and the final determination will be made there.