First Aid

Workplace First Aid Attendant

Contact your local trained First Aid Attendant (see list below) or Safety & Security at 902 867 4444 for First Aid requirements.  In addition to the list below, all Safety & Security Officers are trained First Aid Attendants.

Some departments and faculties have additional requirements and measures in place for First Aid. 

First Aiders by Area/Building

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

There are AEDs located in the following areas:

  • Keating Centre (near Skate Sharpening area) - Phillips HeartStart
  • Saputo Centre (Outside Aux Gym) - Phillips HeartStart
  • Morrison Hall (President's office entrance) - ZOLL AED-3
  • Mount Saint Bernard (Notre Dame Avenue entrance) - ZOLL AED-3
  • Therapy Centre in Saputo Centre (inside main door or at games) - ZOLL AED Plus
  • Hockey Therapy Centre in Keating Centre (inside main door or at games) - ZOLL AED Plus
  • 42 West Street Municipal Building (east end of 2nd floor) - Phillips HeartStart
  • Brian Mulroney Hall (Notre Dame Avenue entrance) - ZOLL AED-3
  • Bloomfield Centre (near main entrance on 3rd floor) - ZOLL AED-3
  • Safety and Security office - ZOLL AED-3
  • Safety and Security truck - ZOLL AED-3
  • Crystal Cliffs Barn - ZOLL AED-3

First Aid Program and Guides



Occupational Health and Safety

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