Laptop Lending

The Angus L. Macdonald Library is excited to facilitate laptop lending for students in collaboration with IT Services.  Reach out to us for more information any time, or click on the headings below for more specific details.

Reserve a Laptop Now

How to Reserve a Laptop

This service is only available for StFX students who are in Antigonish.

  1. Navigate to our laptop booking site or click on the quick link to Borrow a Laptop from our website.

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  1. Click on the item

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  1. Have the patron sign-in to their library account.

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  1. Units available to borrow will have a “Request” link available in the item list. Click on this link to start the booking process. Click on the Show More Items link to display more units and check their availability.

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  1. Add a note in the Comment field, if necessary, then click Submit Request.

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How to Claim Your Reserved Laptop

Once you have received an email confirmation that your laptop is ready to be picked up, you'll have 1 day to claim your laptop before your hold expires and the laptop becomes available for other students.  Visit the main service desk at the library to pick up your laptop, at which time you'll be asked to read and sign a contract and have it signed out to your library account.  Be sure to have your student ID card with you and please note that we cannot release the laptop to anyone other than the requestor.

Access Services Desk Location

Laptop Lending Details

  • Laptop holds expire after 1 day.
  • The initial borrowing period is 3 weeks.
  • Renewals:  Borrowers will get 1 renewal for up to an additional 3 weeks, which happens automatically a couple days before your due date.  No need to contact us or bring it in if you need it a little longer.
  • Notices: You will receive a courtesy notice a few days before you renewal period expires.  Once you get this message, the laptop must be returned by the due date indicated, no exceptions.
    • Be sure to save and backup any files or data.  The laptops get their memory wiped after each use and anything you saved on the laptop will be lost permanently.
  • Late fees: $10/day overdue up to 3 days.  There will be a grace period of 1 day, before the fines will be applied to your library account (e.g. Day 1 overdue, $0 applied; Day 2, $20 applied; Day 3, $10 applied). These fees are non-refundable and can be paid by cash, cheque, credit/debit card (in-person or online) or we can arrange to apply the fees to your StFX account.
  • Replacement Charges (lost, stolen or damaged, including accessories), applied to your StFX account on Day 4 overdue:
    • Laptop - $1500
    • Charger - $75
    • Travel Case - $50
    • Ethernet Cable - $9
  • Refunds: Replacement charges applied to your StFX account will be refunded upon the return of the equipment.  Late fees are non-refundable.

View the Laptop Borrowers Contract