Reporting Portal

StFX Financial Reporting Portal

The University uses Cognos Business Insight as its primary financial reporting platform. Cognos and other financial reports relevant to the campus community can be accessed from this reporting portal.  

Accessing Reports

The SmartFilter Reports are the primary reports used by StFX faculty and staff to access financial information for relevant accounts specific to each user.

Specialized Reporting includes links to several reports and directories designed for specific groups with distinct reporting requirements. 

Student Account Reports includes the link to the MesAmis Student Account Report.

Login Instructions

To access any Cognos reports, you will be required to login using your webfx authentication credentials.

Please note "WEBFX\" must precede your username to access Cognos reports (webfx\username).

Off Campus Connectivity

Accessing Cognos from outside the StFX campus network requires the use of a VPN connection. Visit the Helpdesk or IT Services Knowledge Base for Connecting Off Campus for more information on VPN connection setup and usage.

Access & Reporting Help

If you are having difficulty connecting to Cognos reports or performing a task, please consult the Reporting Help page.

If you require assistance or if a report is functioning irregularly, please inform Financial Services by Email.