The theory of relativity can be divided into two branches: the special and the general theory of relativity. Special relativity deals with fast-moving objects, while General Relativity deals with the curving of time and space through massive objects like planets and stars, or in fact any form of energy (remember: E=m c2). 

General Relativity is a very active research area; current research includes the physics of black holes and neutron stars, gravitational waves, the study of how specific mass distributions exactly curve space-time, cosmology (the early universe), and the search for a theory of everything (quantum gravity, string theory). 

At StFX, we pursue research in both areas. Research topics include proposed experiments to realize relativistic paradoxes, the propagation of light through curved space-time, or the production of Hawking- or Unruh-radiation. 

Department members working on relativity: 

Peter Marzlin