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In addition to regular classes, our program provides the opportunity to participate in course-based and immersion Service Learning courses and to study abroad in one of the Latin American universities that collaborate with StFX.

Our students finish the program with a high proficiency in Spanish and a deep understanding of the Spanish-speaking world. Whatever your commitment to the program, studying Spanish will be an intellectually stimulating adventure that will enrich your experience at StFX and be an asset on your CV when you graduate.

Degree Requirements

Spanish as an Elective

If you are a first-year student we suggest you think of Spanish first as an elective. Our introductory SPAN 100 course is a 6-credits course that corresponds to the requirements of most faculties for electives and will give you a working knowledge of the language. At the end of the course you will be able to effectively communicate and negotiate meanings in Spanish. A good performance in SPAN 100 will provide you with tools to continue with the program as a pair, minor or major or use it professionally at a beginners level.

If your proficiency in Spanish is intermediate or advanced you can consider starting the Program at the 200, 300, or 400 level. Please, feel free to contact our faculty and staff for more information.

Spanish as a Pair

A pair at StFX constitutes 12 credits in one subject. If you have started the program with SPAN 100, SPAN 200 is the logical continuation. It is an intermediate level course, requires a fair amount of work, but at the end of the course you will be able to communicate fluently in Spanish.

If you started the program at the 200 level, you can take 300 and 400 upper level courses to complete the requirements for a pair. Please, remember that these courses are worth 3 credits each.

Minor in Spanish 

To complete a minor in Spanish you will need 24 credits. Each student enrolled in a minor in Spanish is required to take SPAN 306 and SPAN 334 in the course of the program. 

Remember that all 300 and 400 level courses are 3-credit courses. The 300 and 400 level classes are small, which gives you the opportunity to practice constantly Spanish and assures an interaction with the instructor unprecedented in large classrooms. 

Major in Spanish

In order to complete a major in Spanish students have to enroll in the Study Abroad Program after completing at least 12 credits in Spanish at StFX, take up to 18 credits abroad, and take at least 6 credits in Spanish at the 300 or 400 level upon their return. 

Students who major in our program are able to use Spanish professionally, are savvy about Hispanic cultures, and have the abroad experience valued on the job market.







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